About Dr. Bruce Freund

Dr. Bruce G. Freund is a dentist and cosmetic dentist in Bergen County NJ. Dr. Freund received his Doctor of Dental Surgery from New York University College of Dentistry. For over 25 years he has been in private practice in New York and New Jersey, focusing his practice on cosmetic and restorative techniques. He is one of the best dentists in NJ and has gained wide respect as an authority in the placement of veneers and has worked as a lecturer and hands-on trainer for one the largest cosmetic dental companies in the United States.

Dr. Freund has completed a 2 year implantology program at NYU and is trained to perform both the implant surgery and the implant prosthetics. In 1991, he became one of the first dentists in NJ to be certified in the use of the dental laser. As a natural adjunct and in his endeavors to remain at the forefront of providing the most current cosmetic procedures to his patients, Dr. Freund has become an expert in the administration of Botox, Dysport, Xeomin, Restylane, Perlane, Juvéderm, Radiesse and Belotero. He pioneered the ...


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